What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care was created less than forty years ago. Florence Wald, who recently died on November 15, 2008, is considered to be a leader in U.S. hospice care. She helped to organize the first program, Connecticut Hospice in Branford in 1974, and her husband and children also became involved in the hospice movement.

On Death and Dying: Stages of Grief

Remember that family members also go through the five stages of grief upon news about a family member’s illness or death. This is why many professionals suggest counseling for entire families that are involved with a dying family member. This counseling is affective even for those who have lost a limb or mobility or for family members who face difficulties dealing with their loved ones’ losses.

What is Long-Term Care?

Long-term care refers to a broad range of medical and personal services designed to assist individuals who have lost the ability to function independently. While the need for long-term care often refers to individuals with chronic disabilities or physical or mental impairments, long-term care also applies to individuals
who are at the end of life transition.

Estate Planning Basics

You may think that you’re too young or too poor to plan an estate. If you die, however, no matter how poor or rich you judge yourself, your family may be grateful if you leave directions on how to distribute your worldly goods. A simple will, for instance, will help survivors understand what to do with your car and furniture. If you’re wealthy, more elaborate plans can help you to avoid estate taxes.

How to Donate Your Body to Science

If you’ve ever watched CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) on television or if you’ve heard rumors about body farms and – yes – body snatching, then it’s time to set records straight. Donating a body to science isn’t as morbid or as mysterious as it sounds. If your religious beliefs allow you to think about this possibility for this after-life option, here are some tips on how and why body donations make sense:

What Do Dying People Need?

My uncle is doing well today. I have no doubt that he has his sad moments, but I believe that the steps that he and his wife took to help her transition from life to death helped them both to face this trial with pride and love. I hope they help you as well.