Caregiver Tips

If you find yourself in the role of caregiver for an elder parent or other person, you might wonder what to do. What do you do first? How can you do this alone? You can find groups and courses offered for those who care for elderly people, and this support and learning is essential. In addition to these resources, you might want to print out the following tip list for your peace of mind.

Five Creative Funeral Ideas

A trend today in funerals is to focus on the celebration of a life that passed, rather than focus on that person’s life in the “hereafter.” But, many families are stymied when it comes to that celebration, as they often aren’t prepared to unanimously agree on the funeral arrangements. This type of celebration is best planned ahead, and the best person to plan it is the person who won’t be around to enjoy it.

Which Insurance is for You?

You know you need life insurance, especially if you want to protect your family from bills after you die and to provide them with a financial cushion as they make adjustments to life without you. But, with so many different types of life insurance available, how do you know which one to choose? The following information can help you to choose the right insurance for your current situation.

How to Discuss Death with a Child

I was young when my grandmother died, but I remember clearly how I felt. I was sad, but mostly I was scared. I didn’t know what had happened, and – in my family – children were the last ones to know about details. That experience finally led me to counseling, which was a great move. You see, that counseling taught me how to talk about death with my own daughter.

Hospice Workers Can Help With Last Wishes

Do you want to end your days tied up to medical equipment without a chance to recover? Many have watched as other people have made the decision to “pull the plug” on loved ones after years of medical care and expense. If you do not want to put your loved ones through this trauma, the best thing to do is to work with a hospice to make sure your last wishes are known.

How to Cope with a Co-Worker’s Death

When you apply for a job, you may not realize at first that your co-workers eventually become your extended family. Over time, office parties, get-togethers and even over-the-cubicle interactions bond you to other office employees. While these relationships may differ from our family and friends, they still build bonds of trust and intimacy. This is why a co-worker’s death can be difficult to handle, especially if you were close to that person.

How to Select an Executor

An executor is a person who represents you after your death. You nominate this person to serve as your executor in your will, and this person is designated specifically to settle your estate. In sum, this person will act in your behalf as if you were still alive. A probate court has final approval on your choice, but the court generally will confirm your nomination unless compelling reasons exist to refuse your choice.

How to Physically Care for a Dying Loved One

If your loved one is dying, there are many things you can do to help ease their physical transition from life to death. One option is to hire a caregiver who will provide help for you and your loved one. And, yes, you can take an active role in providing care for your loved one during the final days, no matter where that loved one spends those last days.

Four Common Incapacity Documents

No matter your age, at any time you may become mentally or physically incapacitated through an accident or sickness. Age, however, does play a role in incapacity, as does alcohol or drug abuse. If you or a family member becomes incapacitated, who would handle financial matters, answer questions about health, or conduct normal or everyday affairs?

How to Reduce Funeral Costs

One way to avoid expensive funerals is to stay alive forever. If you’re human, however, it seems that this option isn’t a reliable one. If you pre-plan your funeral, then, you may learn that funeral costs often fall immediately behind homes and automobiles as the third most expensive item that most American families will make during a lifetime.