Tsunami: Quick and Deadly

Nineteen hours ago, on 29 September, an earthquake with the magnitude of 8.0 occurred near Samoa [map] in the Pacific Ocean. That earthquake created a tsunami that swept through the South Pacific islands of Samoa and American Samoa, flipping cars onto the roofs of homes, tearing down villages and causing widespread destruction and loss of life.

Classical Funeral Music: Adagio in G minor

Have you ever attended a funeral where the music struck your soul? While funeral music choices often are selected by family members and chosen to suit the family members’ tastes, appropriate music can inspire and comfort guests as well as they celebrate a life passed and mourn that passing.

Remodeling Homes for Seniors (and for yourself!)

Many seniors, especially during this depressed housing market, are deciding to stay put in their homes rather than sell and move into senior living situations. But, most homes are not equipped to handle senior safety needs, especially in the bathroom.

Seasonal Flu, H1N1 or Cold? The Difference…

Do you know how to recognize flu symptoms? How can you tell seasonal flu from H1N1 and from the common cold? According to the government’s Web site on the flu:

The 1918 Flu Pandemic

Did you know that the 1918 flu pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), was the origin for all flu pandemics during the past century? Although the flu existed before 1918, scientists later discovered that the 1918 flu had ties to the H1N1 flu that exists today. None of the viral descendants from 1918, however, approaches the pathogenicity of the 1918 parent virus.

Flu Pandemic Preparedness

How much do you know about flu and its effects, and are you prepared to stay healthy and safe from any flu pandemic?

Death and Comedy – Chelsea Lately Plans a Funeral

One way to deal with death is through comedy. Chelsea Lately, an American late night comedy talk show host on the E! network is notable for her sarcastic approach to anything serious – including death. Chuy Bravo, her assistant, participates with Lately in this particular episode, where Lately tries on a casket on for size as well as some funeral make-up.

Some Terms to Define Advance Directives

The following definitions are used by the American Hospital Association to define terms used in and about advance directives. These terms, which are part of a brochure provided to help patients, families and the hospitals that serve them, presents key resources to enhance educational efforts and to raise awareness around the important issue of advance directives.

The Pitfalls of Joint Tenancy

One way many people use to try to avoid probate after death is joint tenancy, which is a way to own property with someone else. Joint tenancy – also known as survivorship – is a legal term that means, basically, co-ownership. If you and your spouse buy a house or automobile in both names and one of you dies, the property then automatically falls into the hands of the survivor who has the name on the property.

A Morbid Bluesy Number with a “Spanish Tinge”

We ran across Soup Greens the other day, Lucas Gonze’s Web site. Lucas works on Internet music, both as a technologist and as a musician. He led the creation of XSPF, the dominant Internet playlist format for music and he also helped to craft formats for embedding Creative Commons license statements in MP3, OGG and SMIL. Further, he was a Director of Product management at Yahoo! Music, where he created the Yahoo! Media Player and led the lineup of media players, including Launchcast.