10 Top End-of-Life Financial Planning Blogs

Two inevitable things - death and taxes.

Two inevitable things - death and taxes.

Changes in tax laws are inevitable, just like death. But, a few bloggers have focused on changes in those laws and what those changes mean for individuals who need to know about them. The following list includes ten top bloggers in estate law as well as in other end-of-life financial matters that affect individuals who live in the U.S. While changes in federal taxes affects everyone, you might check with your state laws as well, by searching for blogs that pertain to your state.

The blogs listed below are in no particular order, but they all have been updated within the past month.

  1. Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Gerry W. Beyer is a Governor Preston E. Smith Regents professor of law at Texas Tech University School of Law. He provides his insights into wills, trusts and estates with this blog.
  2. Death and Taxes: This blog, published by Joel Schoenmeyer, Attorney at Law, offers commentary on estate planning, estate administration and real estate issues from the Chicago area.
  3. Death and Taxes Blog: USLaw.com provides this blog, which is frequently updated with news and opinion about probate law, wills, estate taxes and much more.
  4. Estate Planning Bits: The byline to this blog is, “Everything you don’t think you need to know about estate planning.” Categories in this blog include elder law, Medicaid and Medicare and even pet estate planning.
  5. Elder Law Prof Blog: Kim Dayton, professor of Law and director for the Center for Elder Justice and Policy at the William Mitchell College of Law offers information and new concerning elder law policies on her blog.
  6. The Probate Lawyer Blog: Learn from celebrity errors so you can protect your heirs. A probate attorney and shareholder with Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras, P.C. in Michigan and co-author of Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights! provides insights with this blog.
  7. Wills & Estate Planning: Julie Garber is your About guide in this blog about estate planning, taxes and documents you may need for your financial affairs.
  8. Wealth Preservation, Trusts and Estates: Learn more about asset protection, death tax reform, elder law and elder abuse, inheritance tax and much more through this informative blog.
  9. Elder Law Blog: Ronald C. Morton, Attorney at Law, provides insights into estate planning, Medicaid and special needs planning and planning for business as well.
  10. Estate Practice & Elder Law Center: A variety of bloggers offer their information and opinions at this blog, which focuses on elder law, long-term care issues, powers of attorney, wills and other elder concerns.

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