25 Top Hospice, Death Care and Eldercare Blogs

Portrait of old woman sitting by a window by Chalmers Butterfield.

Portrait of old woman sitting by a window by Chalmers Butterfield.

Are you seeking expert advice on how to work with an elderly parent? Do you want to find information about your own aging? Many experts, including lawyers, hospice nurses and nursing home advocates, have taken to the Web to offer their advice and knowledge through the following up-to-date blogs. Their information may be what you need to answer your questions about aging, deathcare and eldercare.

The following list of hospice and eldercare blogs are listed in alphabetical order to show readers that we do not favor one blog over another:

  1. AARP: Can’t live with out AARP if you are age 50 or older. This site provides advocacy, information, resources and even a game section. It’s more of a portal than a blog, but it’s a raging good resource.
  2. About.com Palliative Care: This site is designed for patients, families, and caregivers who are faced with life-threatening illness and are seeking information about palliative care or hospice.
  3. Caregiver List: This blog focuses on resources for caregivers for the elderly.
  4. Death Care Law Blog: William Stalter focuses his law practice on preneed and death care compliance, serving banks, funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries.  He has written multiple published articles on the subject of preneed and is a member of The International Cemetery, Cremation Funeral Association.
  5. Dethmama Chronicles: This hospice nurse is off the charts – funny, intense, philosophical and nurturing, she provides an insider’s perspective into death care.
  6. Eldercare ABC Blog:If it requires a village to raise a child, then what does it take to care for an aging parent? This blog tries to answer that question with a myriad of resources.
  7. Eldercare Diary: This site is more of a portal than a blog, but it does contain a blog as well as a forum, articles and resource directory.
  8. ElderCare Expert Blog: “Dr. Cheryl” is an owner of a Geriatric Care Management business in Southern California, and she offers information on eldercare advocacy and information for caregivers and for eldercare professionals.
  9. GeriPal – A Geriatrics and Palliative Care Blog: This blog is a forum for discourse, recent news and research, and freethinking commentary. They welcome the perspectives of generalists, specialists, gerontologists, palliative care clinicians, and anyone else interested in care of the elderly or palliative care.
  10. Hospice Blog: This blog is dedicated to all of the hard working hospice professionals across the nation.
  11. Hospice and Caregiving Blog: Sponsored by the Hospice Foundation of America, this blog offers stories and articles about the end-of-life experience.
  12. Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog: Frances Parker is a consultant, hospice volunteer and former school principle, and her blog focuses on Parker’s experiences and knowledge about hospice care.
  13. Hospice Physician’s Blog: This fellowship-trained and board-certified hospice and palliative medicine physician shares insights into patient experiences from a hospice and palliative care point of view.
  14. How We Die: Ok, so this is not a blog – but, it’s a “can’t miss” site that may hold you spellbound. The founders explore how our most personal experiences have shaped what we believe about death and dying, and about the decisions we make for ourselves, for loved ones, or for patients at the end of life. The site welcomes stories from patients, their families, loved ones and friends, and doctors and healthcare professionals.
  15. Inside Eldercare: One man’s mission – to educate and inspire readers to make their elder care experience a positive. Ryan is the creator of the “by families, for families” approach to elder care which teaches families how to make elder care a positive experience.
  16. Lasting Tribute: This blog celebrates the lives of family, friends and people in the public eye who are no longer with us. It also allows members of the public to leave their own personal messages and upload photos.
  17. Medical Futility Blog: Thaddeus Pope tracks judicial, legislative, policy, and academic developments concerning medical futility and the limits on individual autonomy at the end of life.
  18. My Better Nursing Home: Dr. Eleanor Barbera frequently lectures on subjects related to psychology, aging, and nursing homes. Read her blog to gain insight into those topics.
  19. My Elder Advocate: Jack Halpern has held several key leadership roles during his 30 years in the nursing home industry, and he shares his current perspectives on eldercare with readers.
  20. Palliative Care Success: Tim Cousonis is a certified health care executive who has worked for the past 20 years to improve end-of-life care in the U.S.
  21. Pallimed: This blog is a hospice and palliative medicine blog that focuses on education about the hospice movement and industry.
  22. Risa’s pieces: This blogger is a palliative care provider who writes about his experiences with death and dying individuals.
  23. The Good Death: Jessica Knapp is a PhD student and freelance writer who wants to help people better handle all facets of death and dying. Her posts are filled with facts, questions and many links to other resources.
  24. The New Old Age: This New York Times’ blog focuses on Baby Boomers who face the challenge of parents who are living longer.
  25. The Nursing Home Administrator: Learn more about nursing home matters from Matthew Maupin, who writes about topics ranging from diseases to tech tools.

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