Cheap Caskets: What are the Options?

Do you want a traditional funeral, but are you forced to purchase a traditional coffin? Are you forced to purchase what the funeral home has to offer? Will a funeral home accept your alternative low-cost option?

The answers to the above questions are no, no and yes. In the past, the only way to purchase a coffin was directly through a funeral home. Today, under a U.S. federal law, 16 CFR Part 453 (known as the Funeral Rule), if a family provides a casket they purchased elsewhere, the establishment is required to accept the casket and use it in the services. If the casket is delivered direct to the funeral home from the manufacturer or store, they are required to accept delivery of the casket. The funeral home may not add any extra charges or fees to the overall bill if a family decides to purchase a casket elsewhere.

The following list provides you with some options for cheap caskets. This list is in order by cost, from least expensive to most expensive.

Cardboard Coffins: While some companies focus on developing cardboard coffins for cremation or natural burials, the cost is unknown (most of these companies won’t post their prices on the Internet). But, if you want a simple cardboard coffin for someone who wants to be cremated, why not choose something from a list like this? Cost: About $50.00

Before you make the decision to purchase a Halloween coffin for cremation, make sure you purchase a coffin that is somewhat sturdy and that doesn’t contain plastics, metals or other materials.

Attar Burial Shroud: This shroud was designed by a woman who has assisted with burials for over twenty years. This shroud is meant for use for woodland or traditional burial or for cremation. Cost: $245.00

Burial shrouds are becoming more popular, and they are acceptable for any funeral service. However, some graveyards may not allow a shroud-only burial, depending upon their rules and regulations for burials.

Ark Wood Caskets: Absolutely no metals, plastics, stains, varnishes, or oils are used in these casket kits, and their glue contains no formaldehyde. To help restore America’s forests, this company plants a tree for every casket purchased. Unknown if a funeral home would assemble an ordered casket. $599.00 plus shipping.

This company is just one of many that makes simple wood caskets, even the age-old pine box. The prices across the board are very similar to Ark, so you might want to find a company near you to lower shipping costs.

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