Death and Comedy – Chelsea Lately Plans a Funeral

One way to deal with death is through comedy. Chelsea Lately, an American late night comedy talk show host on the E! network is notable for her sarcastic approach to anything serious – including death. Chuy Bravo, her assistant, participates with Lately in this particular episode, where Lately tries on a casket on for size as well as some funeral make-up.

Outside the slapstick (and bad lipstick in the second half of the video), note that the funeral director suggests cremation rather than burial (to which Chuy responds, “I told you before – I’m afraid of fire.”), an option that many funeral homes today are pushing. In this video, however, Lately seems to push the funeral director almost into fits of laughter, if not into downright shock.

The final decision is a casket, along with a DJ and pony rides for kids. Unfortunately, the funeral director states he has no control over a slight drizzle or rain as a mood setter for the funeral, nor does he have a rain machine. But, he did make it through the comedy routine.

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