Grief and Funeral Music is Available Online

Traditional hymns are appropriate for funerals, as well as new music that reflects the life of the deceased.

Traditional hymns are appropriate for funerals, as well as new music that reflects the life of the deceased.

Are you stumped for music for a somber occasion such as a funeral or viewing? No matter whether this music is for you or for a loved one, the choices are expanding to meet the demand for a market seeking alternatives to traditional suggestions. The following list is provided for your convenience, with an overview of what each source offers.

  • Channel Productions: Located in Idaho, this company is an independent record label that has been in business for over twenty years. You’ll discover piano music, classical guitar and more in songs that reflect folk, hymns, a broad classical repertoire and a bit of jazz.
  • Comfort Music: This company prides itself in being the “leading provider of innovative musical concepts for the funeral service profession.” Their history of the funeral music industry is interesting reading. Their catalogs are available for the general public to browse and includes categories for religious, contemporary, easy listening, ethnic, classical and patriotic and military music among other choices.
  • Griefsong: Paul Alexander is a singer, songwriter, psychotherapist, author, actor and performing artist who has shared his music and message of hope throughout the United States and Canada. For over ten years Paul’s bereavement work was in a hospice for terminally ill children journeying with the children and their families through the dying and the grief process. You now can gain access to Paul’s music through this site.
  • The Memorial Music Library: If you want to mix your own blend of music, you can do so here, where over 95 percent of the songs in this library are available at iTunes for about $.99 each. Some songs on this site are free to download directly from the site.

One way to choose music for a loved one is to think about that person’s life and to choose music that person liked. Even if other visitors to the viewing or funeral may not understand your choices, you have created a topic of conversation that can help others learn more about the deceased. Listen closely to the lyrics, however, so you don’t choose an inappropriate song for a funeral.

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