Tombstone Acronyms and Initials

If you’ve ever visited a cemetery, you may have noticed initials, or letters on a tombstone. The letters form acronyms such as GAR, DAR and SCV. These letters may indicate military service or membership in a veteran’s organization. Others, such as AASR, AMOS and KT may indicate fraternal orders. The following list may help in deciphering those letters when you find them:

  • AAONMS: Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Masonic)
  • AASR: Anceitn and Accepted Scottish Rite (Masonic)
  • ALOH American Legion of Honor
  • AMORC: Ancient and Mystical Order or Rosae Crucis (Rosicrucians)
  • AOM:  Ancient Order of Mysteries (Masonic)
  • BPOE: Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
  • BPOEW: Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World
  • BRT: Brotherhood of Reailway Trainmen
  • CK of A: Catholic Knights of America
  • COOF:  Catholic Order of Foresters
  • CSA: Confederate States Army
  • DAN: Daughters of the Nile (Masonic)
  • DAR (or D of R):  Daughters of American Revolution
  • DOKK: Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan (Knights of Pythias)
  • FCB: Friendship, Charity and Benevolence (see K of P)
  • FLT: Friendship, Love, & Truth (Independent Order of Oddfellows)
  • FOE: Fraternal Order of Eagles
  • FOP: Franternal Order of Police
  • GAR: Grand Army of the Republic
  • GLAUM:  Grand Lodge Ancient Order of Mysteries-Masonic Order
  • GUOOF: Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
  • IHC or IHS: The first three letters of Jesus’ name in Greek (shown in image above)
  • IOF: Independent Order of Foresters
  • IOI: Independent Order of Immaculates
  • IOKP: Independent Order of Knights of Pythias
  • IOOF: Independent Order of Odd Fellows
  • KGL Knight Grand Legion
  • KC or K of C: Knights of Columbus
  • KP or K of P: Knights of Pythias
  • LOM:  Loyal Order of the Moose
  • MWA: Modern Woodmen of America
  • MWW: Modern Woodmen of the World
  • OES:  Order of the Eastern Star
  • SCV: Sons of the Confederate Veterans
  • SAR: Sons of the American Revolution
  • SR:  Scottish Rite (Masonic)
  • TOTE: Totem of the Eagle (Improved Order of Redmen)
  • UAW: United Auto Workers
  • UCV: United Confederate Veterans
  • UDC:  United Daughters of the Confederacy
  • UMWA: United Mine Workers of America
  • VFW: Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • WOW: Woodsmen of the World or Women of Woodcraft

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