Uber-Geek Funeral Ideas



Are you a geek? If so, you probably read Slashdot and you learned about the guy who went through the effort to put his brother’s cremains into a SPARCstation. Here is his post:

“I’ve not seen this topic covered here before even though it’s one that will concern us all at some time: what to do with our corporeal remains after we’ve left for that great data bank in the sky. For my recently departed brother (long illness, don’t smoke!), I thought this nice SPARCstation would be a cool place to spend eternity. Yes, he’s really in there (after cremation). I kept the floppy drive cover but for space reasons removed the floppy drive, hard drive, and most of the power supply. I left behind the motherboard and power switch and plugs to keep all openings covered. The case worked quite well at his memorial party. His friends and family were able to leave their final good-byes on post-notes. Anyone who wanted to keep their words private could just slip their note into the case through the floppy slot. All notes will be sealed in plastic and placed within the case. There has been one complication. His daughters like the look of it so much they aren’t now sure if they want to bury him. One more thing: the words on the plaque really do capture one of the last things he ever said. Of course as kids we watched the show in its first run.”

Of course, if you read Slashdot, you also need to read any comments made after a story. The comments often hold the real meat of any story in that Web site. In this case, we discovered at least three more stories within the comments – but instead of dragging this story out, we’ll just add some links to help you learn more about some uber-geek funeral ideas.

  • We learned that the “cocoon” is a favorite coffin for some readers, and that design can be found at UONO Coffins.
  • We also witnessed a debate about Cryonics, or the attempt to preserve and protect a body once a person has died in hopes that freezing a body one day will become reversible. Once company mentioned in the comments was Alcor.
  • As a Star Trek fan, how could you pass up an urn or casket designed specifically for Star Trek fans? Eternal Image holds these items at their Web site.
  • If you wonder what a TARDIS is, just read about this object at Wikipedia. For a short description, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space) is a time machine and spacecraft in the British science fiction television program, Doctor Who. An image of the TARDIS is shown above.  According to one comment, a Doctor Who fan in the UK was buried in a coffin that resembled a TARDIS.

Finally, we had to include this comment, as it fairly wraps up some geeky thoughts about designing your own geek funeral: “My father actually has it written that he wants bagpipe music and Admiral Kirk’s speech about Spock from Wrath Of Khan at his funeral.”

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