Victimized Military Family Seeking Redress for Extremists Protest at Son’s Military Funeral

The family of Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder filed their brief today with the United States Supreme Court.

New Survey Shows Most People Don’t Plan to Die

Far fewer people than previously thought are inclined to preplan their funerals.

Expect Anything in the Funeral Industry, Even Druids

Death is not a topic that is avoided within Druidry.

324 Fallen Law Enforcement Officers Honored

The 116 officers who died in 2009 was the lowest law enforcement fatality total since 1959.

Palliative Sedation Therapy to Promote Greater Understanding

Palliative sedation can be a treatment option that should be considered.

Webinar on ‘Grieving Children and Adolescents: The Role of Internet Support’

Learn about the role that the Internet plays in the lives of grieving young people and the implications for clinicians.

Fighting Pet Cancer During Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Saturday, May 8 is designated as Pet Cancer Awareness Day at PETCO stores throughout the nation.

Support Urged for Final Wishes and Wrongful Death Bill

Project 515 and legislative supporters urge colleagues to finish work on bill that supports same-sex couples at deathbeds.

Is Mortuary Science a Dying Career?

Adaptation is key in developing funeral “traditions” for modern Americans.