Disciplinary Actions Taken Against 80 Licensed, Commissioned Professionals, Organizations

Businesses include funeral directors, nurses, nursing home administrators, pharmacists and other health and death care professionals.

Can Blowing a Vuvuzela Kill You?

A shirtless super-fan paints his body blue and dies from hypothermia before anyone notices, but at least he met his maker while supporting his favorite team!

Forensic Laboratories Develops First Oral Fluid Test for Ethyl Sulfate Detection

Some scientific publications suggest that EtG and EtS may be detectable for longer periods of time than ethanol.

15 Member Companies Offer Pro Bono Assistance to Arlington

“We want to ensure that we honor the women and men who served their country and, in many cases, gave the ultimate sacrifice for this nation.”

Inspirational Mobile Museum Traces History of Funeral Traditions

Reflections: The American Funeral explores mourning traditions, beginning with Native American traditions and ending with the diverse rituals practiced today.

Redesigned Website to Provide Additional Resources to Grieving Children and Adults

The Highmark Caring Place has served more than 60,000 grieving families and community members since the first location opened in Pittsburgh in 1997.