Halloween Brings out the Spooky Side of Colorado

Experience the “real” ghosts of Colorado and stay in the haunted hotel that motivated Stephen King to write The Shining.

Chaos at the Funeral Church: The Death of Rudolph Valentino

The hysteria surrounding Valentino’s funeral demonstrated a deep desire in the American people at the time to have a continued relationship with the dead.

Death Through a Child’s Eyes

Children may have seen a hundred zombies de-brained on a video game, but the reality of someone’s passing is obviously quite different.

Omega Laboratories Awarded CAP Accreditation for Hair Drug Testing

Omega Laboratories is only one of two laboratories in the world to receive this prestigious accreditation for drug testing in hair.

The AIDS Epidemic: A Turning Point for Funeral Industry

The disease had a profound effect on the public imagination, especially after the death of screen star Rock Hudson from the virus.

A Little Conversation Goes a Long Way with Clients

Talk can go a long way as a powerful tool on many levels when working with funeral home clients.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM Teams With Lynn Isenberg to Celebrate Lives

Lynn Isenberg offers unique suggestions for personalized grief tributes that can be created to reflect individual lives.

Grief Mythology Triumphs

Simply “exposing” something as mythology may not be the death of it, even in the funeral industry.

Symbolic Gestures

Symbols have played an important role in ritual and ceremony and have acted as a touchstone for reassurance in times of distress.

Woman Who Staged Fake Funerals Found Guilty of Federal Fraud Charges

A federal jury has convicted the last defendant indicted in relation to an insurance fraud ring that staged funerals and sought payouts.