A Matter Of Time — Punctuality And Customer Service

As a funeral director, maintaining a policy of punctuality can be comparable to upholding a contractual agreement.

Mrs. Mary Emma Allison, Co-founder, ‘Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’, Dies

Mrs. Allison, 93, died yesterday in the comfort of her home, surrounded by her beloved family.

A Loss of Intimacy for Death and Dying, Part II

The funeral industry was able to take root and thrive in early twentieth century America.

Looking For Meaning in Funerals

What purpose do funerals serve? You may have come across this question from time to time over the course of your deathcare career.

Throw Your Own Great Funeral on ‘Create a Great Funeral Day,’ Oct. 30

Funeralwise.com suggests individuals think about throwing their own funeral on Saturday, October 30, the 11th annual Create a Great Funeral Day.

A Loss of Intimacy for Death and Dying

The early decades of the twentieth century witnessed a profound change in the relationship between the living and the dead in America.

Deathcare Business: Making An Impression

As a funeral director, another chance is not something you can afford to count on.

New Wireless Product for Cemetery Headstones

RosettaStone is a natural stone artifact that associates a genealogical or historical record, in the form of a data file with a memorial, monument or landmark.

Open or Closed Casket? The Handling of JFK’s Body

“Gawler’s men got to work after the autopsy, their goal to restore John F. Kennedy to the appearance of serene sleep.”

Funeral Directors: On A Personal Note

A note from the person who was directly involved with helping the family make burial arrangements could have more meaning…