Aging in Stride

Caregivers take note...

Caregivers and relatives of the elderly might be interested in a publication and Web site offered by Aging in Stride. The book is geared toward a wide range of seniors, including people in their 70s and older, as well as Baby Boomers who are using it as they care for aging parents, and as they themselves enter their senior years. The book, published by IlluminAge Communication Partners, a division of Caresource Healthcare Communications, Inc., offers the following information:

  • 45 aging issues discussed clearly and honestly
  • Strategies to help you plan ahead and make smart choices
  • Forms to help you get organized and stay on track
  • Access to more resources online and in your community
  • Online reader support center for extra copies of forms and direct click-through to online resources.

The site also offers information that is free for anyone who wants to know about emergency readiness for older adults and caregivers, information about how to improve your life as you age and information about laying a foundation for health and happiness in your retirement years. The site includes the ability to sign up for an eNewsletter along with free forms for information and courses.

For example, they states that although seniors made up only 15 percent of the population of New Orleans before Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, according to Knight Ridder, 74 percent of the hurricane victims were older adults. These events served as a grim reminder that older adults are disproportionately at risk in disaster situations, and emergency preparation is an even greater concern for this population.

The U.S. Administration on Aging’s National Family Caregiver Support Program and Caresource Healthcare Communications, Inc. are pleased to announce the new consumer guide Just in Case: Emergency Readiness for Older Adults and Caregivers. This free consumer resource includes a 12-page fact sheet and checklist that will help older adults and caregivers prepare for emergencies. Special emphasis is placed on issues that affect older adults, disabled persons, and their caregivers due to medical conditions, physical challenges, assistive devices, and mobility issues. Just in Case presents an easy-to-do three step approach to emergency preparedness:

  • Step 1 focuses on a handful of essential things a person should know
  • Step 2 covers emergency supplies, both for surviving at home and for evacuation if necessary
  • Step 3 is creating a personal plan that takes into account a person’s own unique medical and physical needs.

“Just in Case” is a supplement to Aging in Stride. The new supplement is available as a free consumer resource online at the Aging in Stride website or on the Administration on Aging’s website Purchasers of the book Aging in Stride will also receive a complementary hard copy with their purchase. Aging in Stride is available for $24.95 plus shipping and handling at or by calling 800-448-5213.

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