Deathcare Business: Making An Impression

Suit SourceHave you ever met someone when you were not at your best? Perhaps you were tired and unfocused, or worried over personal matters. Or did you get caught wearing your last clean shirt for two days because you had not done the laundry? Did you wish you had the chance to make a better first impression?

Many people may be understanding enough to give you that second chance. But, as a funeral director, another chance is not something you can afford to count on.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you walked through your own door right now, what would you see? A professional appearance and demeanor? Would you want to do business with you? Did the chili-dog you have for lunch take a swan dive on your tie? Do you keep a spare handy for such sporting events? Visit for a selection of reasonably priced clip-on ties for quick-changes.

While on the subject of clothing, do you and your staff practice an established dress-code? What you wear sends a message. Dressing in a professional manner often says to others that you ARE professional. Your clients may tend to feel more comfortable dealing with someone who looks the part of authority, of being capable of dealing with their needs and grief. At Suit Source USA, you can find a wide online selection of quality and custom fit.

Understandably, bad moods cannot always be exchanged for good ones as easily as ties. But, the practice of going through the motions by putting on a smile can often help. Will your clients want a sour face to meet them in their time of grief? Likely not. Nor would you.

Granted, the deathcare business isn’t all kicks and giggles. Sometimes, simple exercises can help alter sad or angry moods into a more pleasant mood. Try going for a brief walk, practice breathing techniques, or simply take a break. People often wear their demeanor just as visibly as their clothing. It helps to keep in mind that how you feel can be how you present yourself, whether you intend to or not.

Good grooming habits can say to others that you care about yourself, that you take the time necessary to see that you meet your own needs. This practice can also extend a message of caring about others, that you can be trusted to tend to and meet the needs of your clients and their loved ones who have passed.

Does someone on your staff wear a five o’clock shadow all of the time? Does he think that an wrinkled shirt makes him looked rugged? Think about how to explain to him that not all fashions fit in the workplace. Try directing him to a dress consultant, such as one at New York Image Consultant, where he can get a makeover online.

If he won’t re-think his appearance, you may want to re-think his position as a member of your staff.

Again, think of how you and your staff appear in the eyes of your clients. Would you feel comfortable with what you see? If not, then change it up to make a lasting positive first impression.

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