Debbie Heneghan Empowers the Bereaved to Turn Pain Into Peace

When a loved one passes away, there’s typically no shortage of unsolicited bereavement advice from friends and family members. Yet no matter how well intentioned, this kind of “help” is often clouded by the bearer’s own grief and perspectives, making it hard to know what to believe and do. That’s one of the reasons why personal and life coach Debbie Heneghan is offering free expert guidance and a variety of new and recently updated tools and resources devoted to turning “pain into peace.”

“The loss of a loved one can be life-changing, particularly when you learn how to transform that very real pain into peace,” says Heneghan, founder of Closer Than You Think, LLC ( “I believe this is so important that it’s actually become a theme within everything that I’m currently doing, from my private coaching to the radio show, teleseminars, website, blog, online videos, upcoming book and more. It’s also why I’m offering some of my guidance at no charge. I’m hoping that if people are hurting, they will seek out the information I provide and be open to the spiritual connection one can have ‘directly’ with loved ones on the other side. This spiritual connection is the most remarkably healing, comforting, inspirational connection one will ever experience.”

Heneghan specializes in grief management and spirituality, specifically teaching techniques that empower others to reach out to, communicate with and remain close to the departed. Through her nationally syndicated radio show, which runs on Spirit Quest Radio (http://www.SQR.FM) on Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT), she gives tangible tips and shares powerful stories. Heneghan has also been a guest on several radio shows, including Dr. Carole’s Couch hosted by Dr. Carole Lieberman (, the internationally renowned “media psychiatrist” regularly called on to analyze the psychological impact of world events.

Most recently, Heneghan has signed a book deal and is launching a blog, in addition to updating her website with fresh videos and resources. On January 31, Heneghan will release a dynamic three-hour audio CD, “Turning Pain into Peace.” Also in the new year, Heneghan will introduce “The 10 Core Fundamentals to Empower Yourself,” available through her website free for a limited time. This resource is designed to help people: 1) work through the deep emotions from the loss of loved ones; 2) reconnect with their true, divine high self; 3) live the best life possible; and 4) connect with their loved ones on the other side “on their own.”

“These fundamentals are an essential part of healing from loss and receiving inspiration, love, comfort and support from those who have passed on,” Heneghan says. “But it’s also important to realize that these fundamentals can be used in everyday life to help people live life to the fullest. My goal is to empower those who have lost a loved one to heal, survive and live life to its fullest.”

Additional information and Heneghan’s welcome video are available at To register for the free teleseminar, visit

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