Ellie’s Eco Home Store Greens Up Funeral Industry

Natures Casket

Natures Casket

Creating a convenient one-stop shop for eco-friendly home and garden, office and building products, Ellie’s Eco Home Store opened its doors for sustainable business in November 2008. This week, Ellie’s announces a partnership with Natural Transitions, a local non-profit resource, and Nature’s Casket, a manufacturer of eco-friendly caskets made from Colorado beetle-kill pine.

“In a typical 10-acre section of cemetery, the grounds contain enough coffin wood to construct 40 houses, nearly 1,000 tons of casket steel, 20,000 tons of vault concrete, and enough toxic embalming fluid to fill a backyard swimming pool, which eventually leaches into ground water, according to the book Grave Matters, written in 2007 by Mark Harris,” says Steve Savage, Ellie’s President and Founder.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Natural Transitions (www.naturaltransitions.org), which helps clients go through a troubling time with ease and comfort,” says Savage. “Natural Transitions also guides clients through many alternatives and makes recommendations on how to make their experience less caustic to the environment.”

“Our mission is to educate and support families who choose to care for their loved one, helping them to make choices that are more meaningful, affordable, and environmentally conscious,” says Karen Van Vuuren, President of Natural Transitions, based in Boulder.

Natural Caskets (www.naturescasket.com), based in Longmont, CO, makes beautiful, natural caskets using Colorado beetle-kill pine that is sustainably harvested, helping to reduce fire risk by removing dead trees from the forest. “Our goal at Nature’s Casket is to provide affordable, simple yet elegant eco-caskets with a minimal environmental footprint. We start with beautiful blue-stained pine, from lodgepole pine killed in the pine beetle epidemic. We produce our caskets in a facility powered with wind credits. All caskets are made with non-toxic materials approved by the Green Burial Council. And our caskets are 100 percent biodegradable,” says Luc Nadeau, President of Nature’s Casket.

According to Savage, “When I identify an industry with a poor environmental record, I do what I can to change that. Also, the pet segment of this industry is the fastest growing category in the funeral business. This is a perfect solution for your beloved pet as well,” adds Savage.

Ellie’s Eco Home Store strives to be the nation’s leader in environmental and educational resource for shoppers. Ellie’s unites the importance of creating a healthy home with the convenience of one-stop shopping. More information at www.elliesecohomestore.com.

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