Everything You Need to Know about Pet Cremation

The K-9 Cottage Urn from Forever Pets

The K-9 Cottage Urn from Forever Pets

If you have an elder pet, or you simply want to think about your pet’s future, you might think about cremation instead of burial for that pet when he/she dies. Cremations are becoming more popular, with almost half of pet disposals handled by professional cremation services. This burial option is quick, clean and generally less expensive than burial at a pet cemetery.

Most pet cemeteries and veterinarians have information about local or regional cremation services for your pet. Once the pet is cremated, the ashes are scattered on pet cemetery grounds or the owner can claim ownership for the ashes. It is common for owners to bury pet ashes in back yards, to scatter them in a pet’s favorite outdoor spot or to preserve them in a special container in the home.

Unlike pet burial in the back yard, most U.S. residents do not need to worry about scattering ashes or burying those ashes in the back yard.  And, the cost usually ranges from $30 to $110 USD, depending upon the size of the animal and the choice of what to do with the ashes.

While cremation is an easy method to dispose of an animal’s body, some pet owners may feel that cremation is a desecration. Those individuals who are disturbed by this notion usually belong to religions that do not approve of cremation for human remains. This method of disposal is entirely up to the pet owner, and that owner must abide with whatever is comfortable, or whatever that pet owner can live with.

On the other hand, if you, as a pet owner, are not concerned about retrieving your pet’s ashes and you want to cut costs, you can opt for a communal cremation in some areas. The communal cremation usually costs between $15 and $30. This method includes cremation of several animals at once, without separating the ashes for burial or scattering. Some pet cremation services, however, do not offer this option.

In most cases, pet crematories will allow pet owners to spend time alone with their pets before the cremation. Owners often have the option of staying to witness the cremation, or leaving the animal behind.

If you want to find more information about pet cremations, simply type the location of your residence + “pet cremation” into any search engine. You may be surprised at the number of pet crematory options you have available to you. Cremation.com also carries a directory of pet crematories by state, which can make the search easier for you.

Finally, it might help ease the grief involved with losing a dear pet by holding a funeral or memorial service. This may be especially important if children are involved in the grieving process. The death of a pet often offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate life as the family says goodbye to a dear family friend.

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