New England Burials at Sea LLC Expands Fleet & Territory


New England Burials At Sea (NEBAS), now the northeast’s largest burial at sea provider, is expanding its charter fleet by now offering larger vessels that can accommodate up to 400 people with affordable, individualized and personal memorial ash scattering and full body sea burials from Boothbay Maine to the Mid Atlantic area (the Carolinas) and to the west coast of the USA through approved affiliates. They are recommended and fully insured.

NBAS now offers attended or unattended year round memorial cruises for traditional ash scatterings or complete full body casket free eco friendly sea burials, both per strict U.S. Coast Guard and EPA regulations, presided over by a USCG licensed vessel captain (and a licensed funeral director for full body committals). Serving all faiths with personalized services.

NEBAS recently introduced the industry’s first patent pending Atlantic Sea Burial Shroud® for full body sea burials. The soft-sided shroud is hand stitched in New England and designed as an ocean friendly burial alternative that is more cost effective than the price of a full wood or metal casket. It is suitable for pre voyage funeral home viewings and comes in a variety of earth tone colors with custom monogramming available. The shroud is made from natural materials and is designed to degrade in a few short months offering a true “eco-friendly” sea burial.

Captain Brad White recently announced, “Our business has grown quickly as we are now recommended by many funeral homes and crematories for cost efficient sea burial services in a professional and dignified manner within 48 hours of families request.”

Available options are ocean friendly flowers arrangements including hand woven sea wreaths & urns. Digital and video photography of the service is available for online photo shows and full documentation of the event. White recently announced that live event simulcasting can also be broadcast worldwide to friends and family members that may not be able to attend but who can easily log online to witness in real time. (Available in 2010). Special requests are also welcome.

For ash scatterings, the vessel voyages three nautical miles to sea and scatters ashes with a customized family sea tribute service. At the close of the service, loved ones receive a commemorative distinguished parchment burial certificate indicating the date, time, depth and exact latitude and longitude of the ceremony so that area can be visited at a later date. Also included is an aerial ocean photo view of the location and a Sea Bottle™ filled with the specific area’s water, sand and indigenous sea shells that are wax capped sealed and hanked with sailor’s marlin wrap as a keepsake of the event.

Typical vessels range in size from 30′ to 65′ feet for up to 50 passengers and up to 100′-125′ for up to 400 passengers. Departure Port locations vary from Maine to South Carolina. All vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and all required safety gear.

Burial at Sea Services offered

  • Private ash scattering cruises with family
  • Unattended ash scattering –Captain’s service
  • Full Body Ocean Burials –With family
  • Ceremonies for Pets’ Ashes
  • Memorial Cruises to the same coordinates on future anniversaries also available

Sea tribute services may be attended or unattended and can also be viewed from the shore. Prices vary by market but typically start at $495 (unattended) to $895.00 (attended by party of six) to up to $2,500 for larger families up to 35. Voyages for 35- 400 are very reasonable. Ash scattering services are also available for beloved pets for $95 (unattended) to $395 (attended).

The company is building a network of approved and qualified sea burial certified captains ™ on the east coast of the USA with affiliates recently established on the West Coast.

Sea Burials are affordable dignified alternatives to traditional burials. NEBAS ensures a loved one a final resting place at sea, while relieving family of significant financial burdens in their time of distress. Requests can usually be accommodated within 24-48 hours of the first call, depending upon location, weather conditions and season.

Learn more about New England Burials at Sea from their Web site.

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