New Wireless Product for Cemetery Headstones

Headstone Technology

Objecs, the owner of the RosettaStoneā„¢ brand of technology enhanced memorial products, has added a new 56mm diameter stone disk to its wireless line-up. The new product, item number D106, is the first of the RosettaStone products that does not require professional installation.

A RosettaStone is a natural stone artifact that associates a genealogical or historical record, in the form of a data file with a memorial, monument or landmark. The data file is created by the stones owner at a time of their choosing and is archived using Objecs proprietary data survival process called ‘Push Distributed Archiving’ (PDA), which has the ability to survive data files even beyond the existence of the company itself.

The product’s wireless capabilities are made possible by using both existing and emerging technologies. The Touch-to-Stone technology allows a passerby to access the stones data by simply touching a compatible cell phone against the stone. This wireless functionality is achieved by embedding a Near Field Communications-Radio Frequency Identification (NFC-RFID) microchip(s) inside of the granite disk. Users in the Americas that do not yet have NFC enabled handsets can still access the same data file manually using existing Internet enabled mobile device.

“The year 2010 is a historical time in our industry that marks the first use of true wireless technology with memorial markers,” said John Bottorff, Objecs General Manager. “To put the concept in perspective, adding even a simple epitaph beyond the traditional name and date to a grave stone is easily north of $200 USD. In contrast, most RosettaStone products can preserve a short genealogical record of over 1000 words of text and a photo at the same price point.”

The RosettaStone disk D106 will be available November 1, 2010 to Funeral Directors and industry professionals. Local distribution points include United States, Australia and South America.

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