Room For Renewal: Improving Restroom Facilities In Funeral Homes

HygieneIt may not seem an important service at first, but providing your clients space for a moment of privacy to gather themselves from intense emotional distress can be crucial to help them get through the experience of loss. Sometimes, all a person needs is a few minutes of solitude to refresh themselves, a measure of silence to draw strength from before facing the clamor of grief and well-wishers at a funeral home.

As a funeral director, you can be of great benefit to your client’s needs by enhancing each aspect of your establishment’s facilities, including the places you may think are least likely in need of improvement. During the next service, pay attention to how many people require the use of a restroom.

You may be surprised at how busy one room can be, how nearly everyone needs a moment to compose themselves and how important a few minutes of privacy are to those in grief.

  • When a restroom is truly more than a single-function facility, such as in a funeral home, what can you do to provide needed services for your customers? What comforts do they require? Sometimes, the little things do speak volumes as to how much you value your customers. Things like comfortable seats and toiletry items can show that you have given thought to all of your client’s needs.
  • It may help to keep in mind that you needn’t spend a fortune on providing simple items for your clientele’s personal use. Packaged combs are available in cost-saving bulk quantities and come in a variety of styles, colors and lengths.
  • Stress can often cause excessive perspiration. Offering single-use deodorants to your clients can be immensely appreciated and can show that you are doing your utmost to see to their every need.
  • Hairspray doesn’t have to be expensive or cloud a small space with an overpowering smell that irritates peoples sensitivities and allergies. Many hairsprays cost as little as one dollar and are scent-free, fulfilling everyone’s needs including the budget-minded.
  • In close quarters, a good mouthwash can save a lot of worry of embarrassment. Sometimes, the upheaval that a death in the family creates, leaves little time to tend to daily routines. Your clients will likely feel less stressed, knowing that they have some small sense of normalcy provided for them in something as simple as a mouthwash.
  • In the rush and grief of getting the family together for a loved-one’s funeral, people often forget the details of their daily needs. Many women find themselves at a loss when inconvenienced with the need for feminine products and no store in sight. Your female clients will appreciate and remember your attentiveness to their specific needs, even if they are not currently required.
  • It nearly goes without saying, that one irreplaceable necessity in a funeral home is a tissue. Almost everyone will use either a tissue or handkerchief at least once during their grief. Anything you can do to help soften the intensity of their pain will usually not go unnoticed. That doesn’t mean you need to provide over-priced products, but attentiveness to a client’s comfort can have its rewards.

Even though your efforts may not be acknowledged at the time, they are often remembered by potential clients of the future.

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