Staying Alive in 2010

2010 is the year to quit smoking!

2010 is the year to quit smoking!

The new year — and, a new decade — is here. You probably made some New Year’s resolutions, unless (as my friend tells me) you’re over age 50. At that point, you might realize that resolutions should be made all year and that failure is inevitable for many resolutions.

But, a new year often means a fresh start, and many folks have lost weight, quit smoking and managed to do other things to make life easier, healthier and happier every new year. To help make those resolutions easier for you, we’re providing a list of links to articles that may help you keep those promises to yourself. Plus, we’ve also added some great links that may provide you with inspiration.

After all, if you live a life that focuses on preventative health, maybe you’ll never need to spend a day in the hospital — and you might avoid the morgue as long as possible. Most of those resolutions involve problems that often are the leading causes of death (drinking, smoking, etc.):

  • Quit Smoking: Everyday Health wrote an article that dispels some myths about smoking and tips on how to quit.
  • Quit Drinking: Sure, a glass of wine with dinner is fine. But, when you finish off the bottle for desert every night, you might have a problem. AA is the way to go – it’s free, the support is wonderful, and it may change your life.
  • Lose Weight: Tons of sites exist online to learn how to lose weight. One of our favorites is FitDay, a free online journal that can help keep those promises with daily entries, articles and support.
  • Sleep Better: Sleeping (and napping) can refresh your body, enliven your brain and provide you with stamina. Trouble falling asleep? Use this link to find free drum rhythms and flute music that might help you in that endeavor.
  • From Couch to Concrete: Hit the road running with this online fitness plan that can have you running circles around everyone by March (you also can walk or cycle if you don’t like running).

Now, for some inspiration:

  • Tim Ferris: The man who wrote the Four-Hour Work Week also provides a blog that focuses on mental and physical health. Even if you don’t try everything he suggests, you might be amazed and amused by the things he tries — at least they seem to work for him!
  • Watch Your Sugar: If you can’t watch it, then avoid the foods that have the most sugar content. Learn about those foods through visuals here.
  • This is Why You’re Fat: No, really — this is the name of the blog, which includes photos of some fairly disgusting items that Americans eat.
  • What Do 300 Calorie Meals Look Like? If you’ve lost track of what a meal for a ‘normal’ person looks like, then take a look at this site. Of course, a ‘normal’ person who does not need to lose weight would eat three meals that are twice this size (personally, I eat five meals per day about this size — for my height and weight and activity level, I can lose one pound per week, which is my goal for the first three months in 2010).

Good luck, and cheers to a long and healthy life!

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