Up For Hire — Choosing The Right Employee Part II

First impressions are just that — something you get only one chance with which to shine or fail.

Finding Love After a Divorce, Death or Breakup

If this Valentine’s Day is not all romance and roses, these 5 steps can make your Valentine’s Day great.

Holidays And Bereavement

One of your primary roles as a funeral director is to help get your client’s through grief as compassionately and professionally as possible.

Up For Hire — Choosing The Right Employee Part I

In a small workplace setting, such as in the funeral business, one employee can often have a large impact on everyone.

Student Initiative Conference Scholarships Available

The Student Initiative Committee announces a call for applications for Student Initiative Conference Scholarships for the 2011 Annual Conference in Miami, Florida, USA.

Call for Papers for Death: Its Meaning, Metaphysics, and Morality Conference

A new call for papers for the conference, Death: Its Meaning, Metaphysics, and Morality, held at Newcastle University (UK) on July 6-7, 2011.

Critiquing the American Funeral and Enlightening the Masses

Quincy Dowd and John Gebhart are only two among many who strove to “enlighten” the American public about, and it general to shed light on, the economics of the funeral.

Wayne State University Researchers Determine Quake’s Effect on Mortality

Hutson and Kolbe also studied the prevalence of crime, particularly sexual and physical assault.

Organ Donors — The Last Gift

Whether or not to become an organ donor is something most people will consider in their lifetimes.

The Public Outcry for Funeral Reform Part II

There was stiff competition in the undertaking business because of small volume of business and large number of undertakers…