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We are a group of death care enthusiasts who enjoy following the death care industry. Our focus is on current news, past traditions and new trends in this field. No matter if you are interested in green funerals or Irish-American funeral traditions, you can find this information and more here at Deathcare.com.

This site appeals to individuals who want to learn more about how to prepare for death, the legalities involved with long-term care and after-death documents and more about funeral options. Our experiences includes counseling, history, genealogy, reporting, journalism and business – and a few deaths in families and among loved ones. Our categories include:

  • Cemeteries: Learn more about traditions, the history of the cemetery, options outside traditional burial and even cemetery etiquette and laws.
  • Death and Dying: What do you know about grief, death practices, talking to children about death or traditions regarding death and dying? Learn more about these topics here.
  • Death Care News: We don’t just carry news – we expand on it by providing a link to the news story and information as backgrounder to each news story we address.
  • Funeral Arrangements: This is the most varied topic, as it covers alternatives, funeral flowers, information about traditional funerals and how to plan your own funeral. Learn more about historic traditions to gather some ideas for a ceremony that may touch everyone who attends.
  • Hospice: Few people know about hospice, or palliative, care, so we plan to help educate our readers about this caring way to share the end of life of a loved one. Hospices and homes are replacing the hospital as a place to die, and it is a supportive, caring and intuitive way to make the end-of-life transition.
  • Wills and Estate Planning: Everyone knows that a will is important, but how about selecting an executor or that DNR statement? What do they mean, and why might you need them? Learn more through this category.

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