Bugged To Death

Although we might be giants in a bug’s world, their impact on us is not always small.

Wayne State University Researchers Determine Quake’s Effect on Mortality

Hutson and Kolbe also studied the prevalence of crime, particularly sexual and physical assault.

The AIDS Epidemic: A Turning Point for Funeral Industry

The disease had a profound effect on the public imagination, especially after the death of screen star Rock Hudson from the virus.

Can Blowing a Vuvuzela Kill You?

A shirtless super-fan paints his body blue and dies from hypothermia before anyone notices, but at least he met his maker while supporting his favorite team!

Law Enforcement Fatalities Surge 43 Percent During the First Half of 2010

The number of U.S. law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty surged nearly 43 percent during the first six months of 2010.

Community Cancer Clinic Closings on the Rise

In total, 166 clinics have closed over the past three years.

Help to Eliminate ‘Forgotten Child’ Deaths Due to Hyperthermia

Between 1998 and 2010, 450 children died from hyperthermia caused by heat stroke after they were left in cars during warm weather by parents or caregivers.

NFDA Relay For Life National Team Program

NFDA Brings Funeral Service Together in Fight Against Cancer.

Staying Alive in 2010

We’re providing a list of links to articles that may help you keep those 2010 promises to yourself.

Surgery for Elderly Found Risky

If you ever wondered if surgery was more risky for the elderly, you may have your answer.