Plants As Symbols Of Death

For many people, there is something reassuring in a bloom…

Finding Love After a Divorce, Death or Breakup

If this Valentine’s Day is not all romance and roses, these 5 steps can make your Valentine’s Day great.

Debbie Heneghan Empowers the Bereaved to Turn Pain Into Peace

When a loved one passes away, there’s typically no shortage of unsolicited bereavement advice from friends and family members.

Death & Dying in the Digital Age Call for Papers

The 2011 CDAS summer conference will examine how new interactive digital technologies affect the social relationships of those who are dying, mourners and descendants.

Cremation: Another Option For Transition

As a funeral director, you may have seen an increase over the last few years in requests for cremation.

Death Through a Child’s Eyes

Children may have seen a hundred zombies de-brained on a video game, but the reality of someone’s passing is obviously quite different.

Grief Mythology Triumphs

Simply “exposing” something as mythology may not be the death of it, even in the funeral industry.

Redesigned Website to Provide Additional Resources to Grieving Children and Adults

The Highmark Caring Place has served more than 60,000 grieving families and community members since the first location opened in Pittsburgh in 1997.

Insight to Supporting Bereaved Parents

“What I’ve learned is that grief doesn’t go away,” one participant said. “It walks beside you. You learn to live with it.”

Hospice Foundation of America Announces New Hospice Information Center

Hospice Foundation of America (HFA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Hospice Information Center for families, friends and professionals.