Funeral Rites Of Ancient Times Part V

Although the influence of European missionaries has altered the ancient customs of Hawaii, the practices of old ways still exists in some places today.

Grieving for Animals: Is it Less Real?

It will be difficult to show that dogs and cats experience spiritual growth in the same way that humans do, especially if spirituality is defined as some kind of awareness of a higher power.

Undertakers in the Media, Mid-Twentieth Century

By 1948, when Evelyn Waugh published The Loved One, a resoundingly vicious satire of Forest Lawn in Los Angeles, the stereotyped fictionalization of the undertaker had become too much of a cliche for many.

The Funeral Empire Strikes Back

…Still, funeral directors did not ignore the challenges nor try to hide their professional duties behind a veil of secrecy.

Finding Love After a Divorce, Death or Breakup

If this Valentine’s Day is not all romance and roses, these 5 steps can make your Valentine’s Day great.

Critiquing the American Funeral and Enlightening the Masses

Quincy Dowd and John Gebhart are only two among many who strove to “enlighten” the American public about, and it general to shed light on, the economics of the funeral.

Wayne State University Researchers Determine Quake’s Effect on Mortality

Hutson and Kolbe also studied the prevalence of crime, particularly sexual and physical assault.

Pet Funerals — Saying Goodbye to Our Four-Legged Best Friends

Sometimes, people forget that some of the most fulfilling bonds with another living being can be had with animal companions.

Debbie Heneghan Empowers the Bereaved to Turn Pain Into Peace

When a loved one passes away, there’s typically no shortage of unsolicited bereavement advice from friends and family members.

Burial Options For The Environmentally Conscious

As a funeral director, you may have noticed a rise in requests for green burials.