Tenth Death, Dying and Disposal Conference

The Tenth Death, Dying and Disposal Conference (DDD10) will be held at Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, on 9-12 September 2011.

The Case of World War I Part II

There were two main arguments used by those who favored keeping American military dead in cemeteries overseas.

The Public Outcry for Funeral Reform

There were many popular press reports and articles which claimed to expose the funeral business as a fraud.

The Debate over the Care of the Dead: The Case of World War I

From the early of the twentieth century to the early 1960’s, there was much popular concern about the value and fairness of the funeral industry.

Death & Dying in the Digital Age Call for Papers

The 2011 CDAS summer conference will examine how new interactive digital technologies affect the social relationships of those who are dying, mourners and descendants.

Walt Disney: An Artist with Death in Mind

He could entertain the masses and give out universal messages about morality and the meaning of life at the same time.

The Dead On Stage

In Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, a literary undertaker appears who is contrary to the early twentieth century stereotype.

Cremation: Another Option For Transition

As a funeral director, you may have seen an increase over the last few years in requests for cremation.

Literary Undertakers, Part I

Undertakers have been portrayed as objects of satire and ridicule, two-dimensional figures who are predictable and worthy of scorn.

Jessica Mitford Drops a Bomb

Mitford’s book exploited the fascination with death, money, and scandal…