Famous Last Words

Upon the moment of their demise, most people make an effort to leave the world with a few profound words, something that sums up the meaning of their existence, or wisdom passed on from personal experience.

Plants as Symbols of Death II

The relationship between plants and humans is often one of sustaining life for the latter, although with the rise of the “green movement” and being more environmentally conscious, the relationship is becoming more mutually beneficial.

Real Lives of The Un-Dead Part Two

Humans, being both predator and prey, may have the fear of being devoured etched into their DNA, if not, from nightmares generated by a midnight snack grumbling its way through their digestive tract.

Real Lives of The Un-Dead

From the first time people sat around a campfire and scared each other with ghost stories and other tales of the supernatural, many have wondered if there was a grain of truth to the tales.

Death Personified Part II

In many traditions all over the world, death is viewed as a transition from one existence to another. Life co-existed with death, both in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Animals As Portents Of Death

Humans have had a close association with the natural world to some degree…

The Funeral Empire Strikes Back

…Still, funeral directors did not ignore the challenges nor try to hide their professional duties behind a veil of secrecy.

Burial Options For The Environmentally Conscious

As a funeral director, you may have noticed a rise in requests for green burials.

The Public Outcry for Funeral Reform

There were many popular press reports and articles which claimed to expose the funeral business as a fraud.

Death & Dying in the Digital Age Call for Papers

The 2011 CDAS summer conference will examine how new interactive digital technologies affect the social relationships of those who are dying, mourners and descendants.