Walt Disney: An Artist with Death in Mind

He could entertain the masses and give out universal messages about morality and the meaning of life at the same time.

Literary Undertakers, Part I

Undertakers have been portrayed as objects of satire and ridicule, two-dimensional figures who are predictable and worthy of scorn.

Jessica Mitford Drops a Bomb

Mitford’s book exploited the fascination with death, money, and scandal…

A Loss of Intimacy for Death and Dying, Part II

The funeral industry was able to take root and thrive in early twentieth century America.

A Loss of Intimacy for Death and Dying

The early decades of the twentieth century witnessed a profound change in the relationship between the living and the dead in America.

Open or Closed Casket? The Handling of JFK’s Body

“Gawler’s men got to work after the autopsy, their goal to restore John F. Kennedy to the appearance of serene sleep.”

Halloween Brings out the Spooky Side of Colorado

Experience the “real” ghosts of Colorado and stay in the haunted hotel that motivated Stephen King to write The Shining.

Grief Mythology Triumphs

Simply “exposing” something as mythology may not be the death of it, even in the funeral industry.

Symbolic Gestures

Symbols have played an important role in ritual and ceremony and have acted as a touchstone for reassurance in times of distress.

Inspirational Mobile Museum Traces History of Funeral Traditions

Reflections: The American Funeral explores mourning traditions, beginning with Native American traditions and ending with the diverse rituals practiced today.