Up For Hire — Choosing The Right Employee Part I

In a small workplace setting, such as in the funeral business, one employee can often have a large impact on everyone.

Listening As Art – The Unspoken Role Of Funeral Directors

Your clients may often need a sounding board, someone objective, yet compassionate to their grief and needs.

Omega Laboratories Awarded CAP Accreditation for Hair Drug Testing

Omega Laboratories is only one of two laboratories in the world to receive this prestigious accreditation for drug testing in hair.

The AIDS Epidemic: A Turning Point for Funeral Industry

The disease had a profound effect on the public imagination, especially after the death of screen star Rock Hudson from the virus.

A Little Conversation Goes a Long Way with Clients

Talk can go a long way as a powerful tool on many levels when working with funeral home clients.

The Personal Touch

What do you do with a client who has resigned themselves to believe that all funerals are generic, that the last send-off for their loved-one will be un-inspired, impersonal, a memory best to let fade?

Insight to Supporting Bereaved Parents

“What I’ve learned is that grief doesn’t go away,” one participant said. “It walks beside you. You learn to live with it.”

Take a Free Class in Death at Yale

To balance the “badness of death,” Kagan also provides several lectures on the “value of life.”

Why Should You Attend an Accredited College for a Funeral Services Career?

Learn about how funeral degrees are accredited and the minimum requirements for a funeral career degree.

Educational Statistics for Funeral Services Careers

Who studies for a funeral service career, and how much can individuals make in this field?