The Art of the Obituary

Death is the great leveler — but it can level more benefits to some than others.

How Obituary Writing Changed in 1965

At one point, Whitman admitted that writing an advance obituary cased an occupational astigmatism.

Why Should You Attend an Accredited College for a Funeral Services Career?

Learn about how funeral degrees are accredited and the minimum requirements for a funeral career degree.

Educational Statistics for Funeral Services Careers

Who studies for a funeral service career, and how much can individuals make in this field?

Education Requirements and Licensing for the Funeral Industry

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Deathcare Careers: Embalmers and Education

How short is the embalmer’s education? What does the embalmer learn?

Deathcare Careers: Medical Examiner

Medical examiners, for the most part, are appointed to their positions and must be licensed physicians.

Funeral Director Fatigue Syndrome

Are you a funeral director, or do you know one who seems cynical, who is lacking in energy and who seems depressed at times?

Virginians Have Access to Training at Well-Known Department of Forensic Science

The Forensic Training Section services the entire Criminal Justice System.

Deathcare Careers: Funeral Director

If you’re aiming for the top in the funeral business, a look at what a Funeral Director does, what he or she makes and the training required might be in order.