Sympathy Etiquette For Sending Flowers and Plants When Someone You Know Dies

When someone you know dies, there is a good chance that you’ll want to let the family know how much that life meant to you. Families of the deceased are often in turmoil and funerals are tumultuous events for them. To show respect without impinging upon this private time, it is customary to send flowers […]

Responsibilities of an Executor

There may be a time in your life that you will need to act as the executer of the estate for a friend or relative. There are many obligations that an executor is legally responsible for. In some circumstances the executor is personally liable if they do not handle the estate properly. Being an executor […]

Planning a Funeral

When planning a funeral for a loved one it is easy to feel rushed and vulnerable when it is time to start making decisions. It is suggested that the planning not be done alone but with the consultation of family members or friends. When planning a funeral the first step is to find out if […]

“Green” Funerals

As the world becomes more environmentally conscience the desire to leave the earth a better place has extended to funerals. Green funeral are way to conduct a persons final arrangement and laying the body to rest in a way that has little impact on the environment. No non-biodegradable goods are used and neither are the […]

Plants as Symbols of Death II

The relationship between plants and humans is often one of sustaining life for the latter, although with the rise of the “green movement” and being more environmentally conscious, the relationship is becoming more mutually beneficial.

Plants As Symbols Of Death

For many people, there is something reassuring in a bloom…

Cryonics — Suspending The Inevitable?

Nearly everyone has a fear of death, but there are some who refuse to accept its grip pulling them from the living world.

Death Personified Part II

In many traditions all over the world, death is viewed as a transition from one existence to another. Life co-existed with death, both in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Animals As Portents Of Death

Humans have had a close association with the natural world to some degree…

Death Personified Part I

Kali, Hades, Anubis — all well-known figures of mythology that are associated with the process of death and the transition to the afterlife.