“Green” Funerals

As the world becomes more environmentally conscience the desire to leave the earth a better place has extended to funerals. Green funeral are way to conduct a persons final arrangement and laying the body to rest in a way that has little impact on the environment. No non-biodegradable goods are used and neither are the […]

Cryonics — Suspending The Inevitable?

Nearly everyone has a fear of death, but there are some who refuse to accept its grip pulling them from the living world.

Green Burial

“Natural” or “green” burial, according to Lilipoh magazine, has as its goal to return the remains to the Earth in as direct and simple a manner as possible.

Organ Donors — The Last Gift

Whether or not to become an organ donor is something most people will consider in their lifetimes.

Burial Options For The Environmentally Conscious

As a funeral director, you may have noticed a rise in requests for green burials.

Throw Your Own Great Funeral on ‘Create a Great Funeral Day,’ Oct. 30

Funeralwise.com suggests individuals think about throwing their own funeral on Saturday, October 30, the 11th annual Create a Great Funeral Day.

Symbolic Gestures

Symbols have played an important role in ritual and ceremony and have acted as a touchstone for reassurance in times of distress.

Expect Anything in the Funeral Industry, Even Druids

Death is not a topic that is avoided within Druidry.

Is Mortuary Science a Dying Career?

Adaptation is key in developing funeral “traditions” for modern Americans.

A Viking Funeral? Doubtful.

If you want a Viking funeral, think again — you may be outside the law.