Want to Last Forever? Become a Diamond.

Did you neglect to provide your wife with an engagement or wedding ring? If you set aside a bit of cash now, she can have that diamond she deserves – once you die. In fact, you’ll need to die before this particular diamond can be created, as it’s made from your cremated remains – or at least from a lock of your hair.

Learn More About Roadside Memorials

If you’ve ever taken a trip down an Interstate highway, no doubt you’ve noticed a few roadside memorials. These memorials recognize a site where a person died, most likely in a traffic accident. Unlike a grave site marker that indicates where a body lays at rest, the roadside memorial marks the last place where a person is noted as alive, even if the person dies later in hospital.

How to Transport a Body Across State Lines

You may have read about the Oklahoma couple who covered up the death of a daughter and who transported that child’s body across six state lines about six times for a total of 1,900 miles before they were caught. While cases like this occur occasionally, body transportation must exist to return a body to a family or to send the deceased to a burial location outside the place of death, among other legitimate reasons. Can you deliver a body yourself, or do regulations exist to prevent this measure?

The Banana Coffin Issue: Are they truly “green”?

Are you into green funerals? Then, perhaps, the news item about Ecoffins USA caught your eye this week. This company, based in Montrose, Colorado, now is importing coffins made from Asian banana-sheaves to sell to funeral homes nationwide. These coffins, which are made from…well, banana sheaves…are biodegradable and last approximately six months to two years after burial.

Six Methods for Scattering Cremains

Do you wish to have your remains scattered after a cremation? If so, make your wishes known now to friends and/or loved ones so no one is taken aback by your request once you’re gone. Once you’ve made your decision and informed loved ones, you still need to decide how you’ll want your cremains (remains after cremation) scattered.

Oregon Senator Seeks At-Home Burial Regulations

According to a recent news article, a state lawmaker in Oregon wants to set some ground rules for at-home funerals. Oregon’s Mortuary and Cemetery Board is recieving more calls from people who cannot afford a traditional funeral and who are seeking a less expensive way to deal with a family death. Some families may opt for cremation, which still remains less expensive than a traditional funeral. Others, however, are asking about at-home funerals.

How to Prepare a Corpse for an At-Home Funeral

If you want a truly green funeral, then you need to learn how your ancestors went about preparing a corpse for a funeral. The methods below were practiced before undertakers (or funeral directors) took over the handling of the dead between 1850 and 1920. Old-time funerals were, perhaps, the greenest funerals ever.

How to Find a Low-Cost Casket

Did you know that a casket could cost up to fifty percent of an overall funeral bill? Lower-priced caskets are available, even from funeral homes. But, few funeral home showrooms will have one of over 500 models priced under $1,000.00 in their showrooms, if they have them on hand at all.

How to Legally Cut Funeral Costs

Do you expect your family members to be as responsible as you when it comes to planning for your death? You might be surprised at how many people ignore these responsibilities and leave the funeral planning to others after death. Many funeral homes still count on this lack of interest in planning funerals, and they also expect that most people have not heard about the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule. By understanding this one document, you can expect to pay for a less expensive last-minute funeral.

Downsizing the Traditional Funeral

People expect the liquor industry, films and other forms of ‘entertainment’ to do well during a recession. These businesses offer individuals a way to escape reality, even if it’s for just an hour or two. But, who knew that the funeral industry would receive attention during this economic turmoil? A brief look through recent news articles brings some interesting perspectives to this death care field.