Green Burial

“Natural” or “green” burial, according to Lilipoh magazine, has as its goal to return the remains to the Earth in as direct and simple a manner as possible.

Cremation: Another Option For Transition

As a funeral director, you may have seen an increase over the last few years in requests for cremation.

Is Mortuary Science a Dying Career?

Adaptation is key in developing funeral “traditions” for modern Americans.

Funeral Homes and More Deathcare on Twitter

Funeral home business is catching on to Twitter!

Burn the Trash, Bury the Treasure?

His statement, which has been echoed by several church leaders over the past few years, clearly marks cremation is something that only the ‘unclean’ would choose when he stated, “We burned the trash and buried the treasure.”

DeathCare Workers Talk about What Happens After Death

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body after death, especially if you have not planned your funeral? The Guardian ran an article in the U.K. in 2008 entitled, “What Really Happens When You Die,” and this article provides death care workers’ perspectives on their jobs and what those jobs entail.

Uber-Geek Funeral Ideas

Learn more about geek ideas for funerals and burial.

Too Poor to Die? Some Solutions for a Funeral

CNN Money today ran a report on a Detroit morgue where bodies were beginning to pile up from various results of the recession. Without jobs, people cannot afford a cremation, let alone the cost of a traditional burial. So, they leave the bodies at the city morgue, where – eventually – funds derived from various sources (including from other taxpayers) will allow the city to dispose of the human remains.

Death and Comedy – Chelsea Lately Plans a Funeral

One way to deal with death is through comedy. Chelsea Lately, an American late night comedy talk show host on the E! network is notable for her sarcastic approach to anything serious – including death. Chuy Bravo, her assistant, participates with Lately in this particular episode, where Lately tries on a casket on for size as well as some funeral make-up.

Germany’s Burial Traditions already offered a short article on American-German funeral traditions, which have become assimilated – for the most part – in American traditions based upon religious beliefs. But, in Germany, burial traditions often are different than those in other parts of the world, and have been so for generations. But, changes are in the works, and some of the following traditions also contain explanations of changes when known.