The Greenest Cremation Possible…To Date

While estimates about the number of cremations in upcoming years are increasing, other voices have chimed in to state that cremation is not a viable green alternative to traditional burials. While we have a solution or two that can help eliminate your contribution to mercury toxins if you choose cremation, other options seem less viable for those who want to be cremated upon death.

How You Can Eliminate Mercury Toxins During Cremation

Is it possible to have a greener cremation, despite heavy metals and toxins emitted during the cremation process? Some states, funeral homes and other entities are striving to create the ‘greener’ cremation that helps to eliminate some problems that occur during this funeral process, but few of them are located in the U.S. The following information may help you to eliminate mercury emissions if you choose cremation as your burial option and if your mouth contains fillings that include mercury.

Greenwashing in the Cremation Industry

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) is a Chicago-based industry group that has projected that 38 percent of all deaths this year will finalize in cremation. This is a 12 percent increase since 2000. Additionally, cremation rates are expected to rise to 50 percent over the next fifteen years.This news may prompt many funeral directors to expand their cremation services for those individuals who seek a simpler death care process that is less expensive than a traditional burial. But, for those funeral directors to tout this death care service as ‘green’ is – to put it bluntly – “greenwashing.”

Funeral Home Options

Have you thought about how your body might be handled after you die? If so, you may have considered creating options for your burial now, even when young. But, the thought of walking into a funeral home to discuss those options might keep you from making those decisions.

The Differences Between Organ and Full-Body Donations

Are you planning to donate your body to science when you die? Or, are you planning to be an organ donor? While both plans are noble, there is a vast difference between full- or whole-body donations and organ donations. The difference may be enough to foil your death care plans for yourself, and it may cost your family some money in the long run. To that end, the following information may help you make more detailed plans for the disposal of your body once you die.

Current Funeral Home Fiascos

Are you worried about receiving ashes (as in wood ashes) instead of your loved one’s cremains? Or, are you fighting for a body to be released from a funeral home? You wouldn’t be alone in both cases, as funeral homes in this country throughout July played some morbid and damaging games with clients. In other cases, some funeral directors and homes were sentenced to pay for damages this month for their parts in previous schemes.

“Felix and Fido” Amendment Maker Dies

Jim King, a popular Florida Republican lawmaker and former Florida Senate President, died this past Sunday after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. He will be cremated and interred at the year-old King Life Sciences Building on the Florida State University campus. FSU dedicated that building to King last year in recognition for his help in securing state funding for biomedical research.

Death by Fire: Asphyxiation Most Common Cause

Do you have nightmares about dying in a fire? Do you ever wonder what dying by fire might be like? In most cases, a victim who has died by fire actually has died from asphyxiation, or suffocation from inhaling smoke and carbon monoxide (CO). Many times, asphyxiation occurs before the fire ever reaches the victim.