Sympathy Etiquette For Sending Flowers and Plants When Someone You Know Dies

When someone you know dies, there is a good chance that you’ll want to let the family know how much that life meant to you. Families of the deceased are often in turmoil and funerals are tumultuous events for them. To show respect without impinging upon this private time, it is customary to send flowers […]

Plants as Symbols of Death II

The relationship between plants and humans is often one of sustaining life for the latter, although with the rise of the “green movement” and being more environmentally conscious, the relationship is becoming more mutually beneficial.

Plants As Symbols Of Death

For many people, there is something reassuring in a bloom…

1-800-FLOWERS.COM Teams With Lynn Isenberg to Celebrate Lives

Lynn Isenberg offers unique suggestions for personalized grief tributes that can be created to reflect individual lives.

Funeral Flowers: Correct etiquette 70 Years Ago Still Stands Today

…one funeral arrangement per funeral is all you need to think about, and only if you are a family member or a close friend.

Funeral Homes and More Deathcare on Twitter

Funeral home business is catching on to Twitter!

A 1939 guide to Arranging and Recording Flowers

This particular entry regards flowers — specifically, the arranging and recording of flowers for a Protestant church funeral.

Debate Continues over Shanidar Cave Burial Flowers

Perhaps by adding the Shanidar plants listed above to your next funeral arrangement, you can alter history – or, at least encourage debate among future scholars.

Which Funeral Floral Arrangement Choice is Correct?

A loved one has died, and the obituary does not stipulate that flowers are unwelcome. What do you do now? Do you send a vase of flowers, a wreath or a plant? Many florists are familiar with your dilemma, and they have answers to your questions.

Funeral Home Options

Have you thought about how your body might be handled after you die? If so, you may have considered creating options for your burial now, even when young. But, the thought of walking into a funeral home to discuss those options might keep you from making those decisions.