Contract Negotiations Resume With Texas-Based Funeral Industry Giant

Contract negotiations between Teamsters Local 727 and funeral industry giant Service Corporation International (NYSE:SCI) are set to resume Tuesday, June 29, 2010, with the possibility of labor disputes at 17 area funeral homes and facilities hanging in the balance. The final two bargaining sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, June 29, and Wednesday, June 30 — […]

Education Requirements and Licensing for the Funeral Industry

With career opportunities in over 20,000 funeral homes across the U.S., you may find a need for a well-trained funeral service professional.

Georgia Funeral Home Goes Green

This is believed to be the first installation of clean, renewable solar power on a funeral home in the state of Georgia.

Funeral Homes and More Deathcare on Twitter

Funeral home business is catching on to Twitter!

Death and Comedy – Chelsea Lately Plans a Funeral

One way to deal with death is through comedy. Chelsea Lately, an American late night comedy talk show host on the E! network is notable for her sarcastic approach to anything serious – including death. Chuy Bravo, her assistant, participates with Lately in this particular episode, where Lately tries on a casket on for size as well as some funeral make-up.

Funeral Director, Mortician and Undertaker: Any Difference?

Unless you work for a funeral home, or unless you have an obsession about death and dying practices, you may wonder if there is a difference between a funeral director and a mortician or a mortician and an undertaker. For all intents and purposes today, there is no difference – especially if the funeral home is a small family operation. But, in larger funeral home operations, you might see a slight difference in what each job traditionally entails.

Greenwashing in the Cremation Industry

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) is a Chicago-based industry group that has projected that 38 percent of all deaths this year will finalize in cremation. This is a 12 percent increase since 2000. Additionally, cremation rates are expected to rise to 50 percent over the next fifteen years.This news may prompt many funeral directors to expand their cremation services for those individuals who seek a simpler death care process that is less expensive than a traditional burial. But, for those funeral directors to tout this death care service as ‘green’ is – to put it bluntly – “greenwashing.”

Plumage, Social Means and Funeral History

We’ve written about motorcycle hearses and have eluded to the hearse in general throughout this blog. But, the history of the hearse is just as fascinating, as horse-drawn hearses basically have gone the way of other practices that fell to the industrial age and the automobile. However, horse-drawn hearses have a particular short-lived history – at least in America – that was based upon social class.

Motorcyclists – What a Way to Go!

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? No matter your two-wheeled proclivities, as this week is Sturgis week in South Dakota. In honor of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, offers some interesting ways to pass to the great Motocross in the sky.

What is the Order of the Golden Rule?

Fraternal organizations and secret societies may make you think about the DaVinci Code or the Knights of the Round Table (if not your alma mater). With this variety of memory, it’s possible that organizations, or brotherhoods, might exist for just as many reasons. Thus it is with the International Order of the Golden Rule (OGR).