Funeral Homes and the Funeral Law – RIP or Rip-off?

According to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report filed in March 2009, approximately one-fourth of the funeral homes investigated by undercover federal investigators violated the Funeral Rule significantly during 2008. These federal investigators visited 104 funeral homes in seven states, part of an undercover inspection of funeral homes conducted every year to help ensure compliance and maintain consumer confidence.

PrePayment – Is It the Right Choice?

How many times have you thought about prepaying for your funeral? After all, if you have money set aside and funeral plans all set, then your loved ones won’t need to worry about how to pay for your passing. While this willingness to prepay is gallant, you may be entering risky territory with a prepayment plan option. In fact, it may be money flushed down the toilet.

How to Negotiate with a Funeral Director

Few people might be ready to go head-to-head with a funeral director following the death of a loved one. But, if you’re willing to direct some of your pent-up anger over an untimely death, then you can hone in on slicing a funeral price in half or more. If you think you’re not up to this negotiating, then send a trusted family member to help seal a lower price for that loved one’s funeral.

Tips on Choosing a Funeral Home

Did you know that you don’t need to work directly with a funeral home or a funeral director when you are dealing with a death in the family? But, unless you or your loved ones plan ahead for a burial, working with an experienced professional can smooth the path for a well-run funeral. A funeral home and its director can walk you through the entire funeral process, including obtaining copies of the deceased’s death certificate, writing an obituary, contacting Social Security and more.

How to Legally Cut Funeral Costs

Do you expect your family members to be as responsible as you when it comes to planning for your death? You might be surprised at how many people ignore these responsibilities and leave the funeral planning to others after death. Many funeral homes still count on this lack of interest in planning funerals, and they also expect that most people have not heard about the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule. By understanding this one document, you can expect to pay for a less expensive last-minute funeral.

How to Reduce Funeral Costs

One way to avoid expensive funerals is to stay alive forever. If you’re human, however, it seems that this option isn’t a reliable one. If you pre-plan your funeral, then, you may learn that funeral costs often fall immediately behind homes and automobiles as the third most expensive item that most American families will make during a lifetime.