Understanding the Modern Christian Funeral

If you were asked to attend a Christian funeral, what can you expect? Without going into the history of Christianity, a few notes about Christian funerals can provide basics for those who are not Christians. Even if you are Christian, you may be a Catholic and the deceased may have been a Baptist. You may realize, in this latter case, that the Christian burial for the deceased may be a new experience for you.

Presidential Funeral Music

If the weather holds against Hurricane Danny, Senator Ted Kennedy’s burial is slated for this evening at Arlington Cemetery. While the news has been filled with information regarding the Senator’s death, honorary tributes to his life, interviews to gather various perspectives on political, friendly and family relationships and even information about where, exactly, the Senator is to be buried, little if anything has been said about the music that might be played during the funeral procession, during the Requiem Mass, or at Arlington Cemetery.

The Christian Funeral Hymn

Although funeral hymns have been a necessity for religious funerals since the eighteenth century, in a sense there are no true funeral hymns. In other words, few if any classic hymns were written specifically for funerals. Instead, many hymns chosen for funerals are those that remind the family of the deceased, the deceased’s life or his or her beliefs.