The Feds Probe the Funeral Industry

Funeral industry leaders in the early 70’s tried to redirect the public interest in reforming funeral traditions by touting the sociological and psychological benefits of traditional services.

A Viking Funeral? Doubtful.

If you want a Viking funeral, think again — you may be outside the law.

Germany’s Burial Traditions already offered a short article on American-German funeral traditions, which have become assimilated – for the most part – in American traditions based upon religious beliefs. But, in Germany, burial traditions often are different than those in other parts of the world, and have been so for generations. But, changes are in the works, and some of the following traditions also contain explanations of changes when known.

Current Funeral Home Fiascos

Are you worried about receiving ashes (as in wood ashes) instead of your loved one’s cremains? Or, are you fighting for a body to be released from a funeral home? You wouldn’t be alone in both cases, as funeral homes in this country throughout July played some morbid and damaging games with clients. In other cases, some funeral directors and homes were sentenced to pay for damages this month for their parts in previous schemes.

How to Transport a Body Across State Lines

You may have read about the Oklahoma couple who covered up the death of a daughter and who transported that child’s body across six state lines about six times for a total of 1,900 miles before they were caught. While cases like this occur occasionally, body transportation must exist to return a body to a family or to send the deceased to a burial location outside the place of death, among other legitimate reasons. Can you deliver a body yourself, or do regulations exist to prevent this measure?

Six Methods for Scattering Cremains

Do you wish to have your remains scattered after a cremation? If so, make your wishes known now to friends and/or loved ones so no one is taken aback by your request once you’re gone. Once you’ve made your decision and informed loved ones, you still need to decide how you’ll want your cremains (remains after cremation) scattered.

Oregon Senator Seeks At-Home Burial Regulations

According to a recent news article, a state lawmaker in Oregon wants to set some ground rules for at-home funerals. Oregon’s Mortuary and Cemetery Board is recieving more calls from people who cannot afford a traditional funeral and who are seeking a less expensive way to deal with a family death. Some families may opt for cremation, which still remains less expensive than a traditional funeral. Others, however, are asking about at-home funerals.

Funeral Homes and the Funeral Law – RIP or Rip-off?

According to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report filed in March 2009, approximately one-fourth of the funeral homes investigated by undercover federal investigators violated the Funeral Rule significantly during 2008. These federal investigators visited 104 funeral homes in seven states, part of an undercover inspection of funeral homes conducted every year to help ensure compliance and maintain consumer confidence.

PrePayment – Is It the Right Choice?

How many times have you thought about prepaying for your funeral? After all, if you have money set aside and funeral plans all set, then your loved ones won’t need to worry about how to pay for your passing. While this willingness to prepay is gallant, you may be entering risky territory with a prepayment plan option. In fact, it may be money flushed down the toilet.

Tips on Choosing a Funeral Home

Did you know that you don’t need to work directly with a funeral home or a funeral director when you are dealing with a death in the family? But, unless you or your loved ones plan ahead for a burial, working with an experienced professional can smooth the path for a well-run funeral. A funeral home and its director can walk you through the entire funeral process, including obtaining copies of the deceased’s death certificate, writing an obituary, contacting Social Security and more.