Mozart’s Masonic Funeral Music, K.477

Striving for a synthesis between the sacred and theatrical, this piece by Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart brings both class and confusion into the twenty-first century’s choices for traditional funeral music.

Funeral Music Composed for a King

Duben wrote this piece for Gustav II Adolf’s funeral in 1634 (Gustav was killed in 1632, but was not buried for eighteen months).

Top Ten Alternative Funeral Songs in the U.K.

This past January, the Telegraph reported on alternative funeral songs, listing ten top choices among 764 people questioned for the survey in the U.K.

“Borrowed Angels” Perfect Music for a Child’s Funeral

If you search for music for a child’s funeral on the Internet, you may have seen huge support for Kristin Chenoweth’s song, “Borrowed Angels.”

You Can Celebrate Your Life at

Although some people don’t like to think about death, a chronic condition or some near-death experience often alters those views. Brushing up against the grim reaper often motivates people to look at the brighter side of life and to think about how their deaths might affect others. Often, such a profound experience forces individuals to develop a deeper sense of introspection.

Classical Funeral Music: Adagio in G minor

Have you ever attended a funeral where the music struck your soul? While funeral music choices often are selected by family members and chosen to suit the family members’ tastes, appropriate music can inspire and comfort guests as well as they celebrate a life passed and mourn that passing.

A Morbid Bluesy Number with a “Spanish Tinge”

We ran across Soup Greens the other day, Lucas Gonze’s Web site. Lucas works on Internet music, both as a technologist and as a musician. He led the creation of XSPF, the dominant Internet playlist format for music and he also helped to craft formats for embedding Creative Commons license statements in MP3, OGG and SMIL. Further, he was a Director of Product management at Yahoo! Music, where he created the Yahoo! Media Player and led the lineup of media players, including Launchcast.

Grief and Funeral Music is Available Online

Are you stumped for music for a somber occasion such as a funeral or viewing? No matter whether this music is for you or for a loved one, the choices are expanding to meet the demand for a market seeking alternatives to traditional suggestions. The following list is provided for your convenience, with an overview of what each source offers.

Funeral Music: Henry Purcell and the Death of Queen Mary II

A funeral and the attached loss of life to death often is characterized through music. Although many people today do not have music composed specifically for a death, this effort was not uncommon a few centuries ago, especially when music was called for during the death of a Queen who was beloved by her subjects. Hence, the “funeral Music for Queen Mary,” written by Henry Purcell (1659-1695), music that remains popular even today.

Funeral Home Options

Have you thought about how your body might be handled after you die? If so, you may have considered creating options for your burial now, even when young. But, the thought of walking into a funeral home to discuss those options might keep you from making those decisions.