Cryonics — Suspending The Inevitable?

Nearly everyone has a fear of death, but there are some who refuse to accept its grip pulling them from the living world.

Death Personified Part II

In many traditions all over the world, death is viewed as a transition from one existence to another. Life co-existed with death, both in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Animals As Portents Of Death

Humans have had a close association with the natural world to some degree…

Death Personified Part I

Kali, Hades, Anubis — all well-known figures of mythology that are associated with the process of death and the transition to the afterlife.

Funeral Rites Of Ancient Times Part V

Although the influence of European missionaries has altered the ancient customs of Hawaii, the practices of old ways still exists in some places today.

Death and Photography

Memento mori — translated from Latin means “remember your mortality.”

Funeral Rites Of Ancient Times Part IV

When it comes to the idea of death in modern times, many people seem to fall into one of two schools of thought…

Funeral Rites Of Ancient Times Part III

As with any warrior-based society, death shadowed over nearly every day interlaced with life and was a deity that was highly respected and played a strong role in Mayan religion.

Undertakers in the Media, Mid-Twentieth Century

By 1948, when Evelyn Waugh published The Loved One, a resoundingly vicious satire of Forest Lawn in Los Angeles, the stereotyped fictionalization of the undertaker had become too much of a cliche for many.

Funeral Rites Of Ancient Times Part II

If understanding about other people can be gained from observing their lives, it almost certainly can also be gained by observing the way they treat death.