Top Ten Alternative Funeral Songs in the U.K.

This past January, the Telegraph reported on alternative funeral songs, listing ten top choices among 764 people questioned for the survey in the U.K.

Notes on the Old-Fashioned Home Funeral

…She began to tell me about how my great grandmother’s casket was draped with roses, and about the black lace dress that she wore to her grave.

You Can Celebrate Your Life at

Although some people don’t like to think about death, a chronic condition or some near-death experience often alters those views. Brushing up against the grim reaper often motivates people to look at the brighter side of life and to think about how their deaths might affect others. Often, such a profound experience forces individuals to develop a deeper sense of introspection.

Uber-Geek Funeral Ideas

Learn more about geek ideas for funerals and burial.

Too Poor to Die? Some Solutions for a Funeral

CNN Money today ran a report on a Detroit morgue where bodies were beginning to pile up from various results of the recession. Without jobs, people cannot afford a cremation, let alone the cost of a traditional burial. So, they leave the bodies at the city morgue, where – eventually – funds derived from various sources (including from other taxpayers) will allow the city to dispose of the human remains.

Classical Funeral Music: Adagio in G minor

Have you ever attended a funeral where the music struck your soul? While funeral music choices often are selected by family members and chosen to suit the family members’ tastes, appropriate music can inspire and comfort guests as well as they celebrate a life passed and mourn that passing.

Death and Comedy – Chelsea Lately Plans a Funeral

One way to deal with death is through comedy. Chelsea Lately, an American late night comedy talk show host on the E! network is notable for her sarcastic approach to anything serious – including death. Chuy Bravo, her assistant, participates with Lately in this particular episode, where Lately tries on a casket on for size as well as some funeral make-up.

Grief and Funeral Music is Available Online

Are you stumped for music for a somber occasion such as a funeral or viewing? No matter whether this music is for you or for a loved one, the choices are expanding to meet the demand for a market seeking alternatives to traditional suggestions. The following list is provided for your convenience, with an overview of what each source offers.

The Greenest Cremation Possible…To Date

While estimates about the number of cremations in upcoming years are increasing, other voices have chimed in to state that cremation is not a viable green alternative to traditional burials. While we have a solution or two that can help eliminate your contribution to mercury toxins if you choose cremation, other options seem less viable for those who want to be cremated upon death.

How You Can Eliminate Mercury Toxins During Cremation

Is it possible to have a greener cremation, despite heavy metals and toxins emitted during the cremation process? Some states, funeral homes and other entities are striving to create the ‘greener’ cremation that helps to eliminate some problems that occur during this funeral process, but few of them are located in the U.S. The following information may help you to eliminate mercury emissions if you choose cremation as your burial option and if your mouth contains fillings that include mercury.