How to Find a Low-Cost Casket

Did you know that a casket could cost up to fifty percent of an overall funeral bill? Lower-priced caskets are available, even from funeral homes. But, few funeral home showrooms will have one of over 500 models priced under $1,000.00 in their showrooms, if they have them on hand at all.

How to Legally Cut Funeral Costs

Do you expect your family members to be as responsible as you when it comes to planning for your death? You might be surprised at how many people ignore these responsibilities and leave the funeral planning to others after death. Many funeral homes still count on this lack of interest in planning funerals, and they also expect that most people have not heard about the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule. By understanding this one document, you can expect to pay for a less expensive last-minute funeral.

The Pros and Cons of Green Funerals

My brother, who is into an extreme green lifestyle, reminds his family occasionally how he’d like to die. He wants to trip into the great beyond while traipsing in the woods. Then, he wants no one to find him for a good three months or more.

How to Reduce Funeral Costs

One way to avoid expensive funerals is to stay alive forever. If you’re human, however, it seems that this option isn’t a reliable one. If you pre-plan your funeral, then, you may learn that funeral costs often fall immediately behind homes and automobiles as the third most expensive item that most American families will make during a lifetime.

Ten Topics for Last Wishes

If you’ve ever been involved with planning someone’s funeral, you might understand the difficulties with planning arrangements at the last moment. The words are more difficult to write for the eulogy or for the obituary, the flowers seem too obnoxious because too many were ordered, and the casket became far too expensive, because the family wanted the best.