Community Cancer Clinic Closings on the Rise

In total, 166 clinics have closed over the past three years.

Hospice Foundation of America Announces New Hospice Information Center

Hospice Foundation of America (HFA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Hospice Information Center for families, friends and professionals.

Take a Free Class in Death at Yale

To balance the “badness of death,” Kagan also provides several lectures on the “value of life.”

Funeral Director Fatigue Syndrome

Are you a funeral director, or do you know one who seems cynical, who is lacking in energy and who seems depressed at times?

Aging in Stride

Caregivers and relatives of the elderly might be interested in a publication and Web site offered by Aging in Stride.

Peace of Mind for the Holidays

Do you want to feel good about yourself? One way to eliminate some stress over the upcoming holiday season is to help others, especially the elderly.

Choosing a Nursing Home

If you are thinking about a nursing home for yourself or for a loved one, you might realize that this choice is both difficult and painful.

Symptom Relief for Terminal Illness

Remember to rely on a trained hospice worker, a trusted nurse or a doctor for specific directions for your ‘patient’ before you take extreme measures.

Depression, the Elderly and the Holidays

If you are gathering steam to celebrate the holidays in grand style, you might consider visiting a neighbor or two in those plans.

Thinking About Death May Change Your Life

Have you faced the reality that, one day, you will die?