Community Cancer Clinic Closings on the Rise

In total, 166 clinics have closed over the past three years.

What Happens Next in Health Care

The White House weighs in on what Americans can see with the new legislation for health care.

Caregiving, Long Term Care Policy Proposal Discussions on Capitol Hill

“It’s more dangerous to be a home health aide than it is to be a coal miner.” Howard Gleckman, senior research associate at the Urban Institute, said that as he described the state of home health care in the U.S. at Genworth Financial’s Fourth Annual Long Term Care Symposium on Monday, September 14, in Washington, D.C.

Government Web Sites on Aging

Are you afraid of getting older? Are you unsure about what opportunities might be available to your or your loved ones who also are aging? While many people seem to be distrustful of the government, the U.S. government has produced some insightful Web sites that deal with aging. These sites are listed below, along with information about what they offer to the aging discussion nationwide:

Why You Might Need Long-Term Care Insurance

Most people associate long-term care with the elderly. But, long-term care also applies to the ongoing care of individuals who no longer can perform tasks independently – no matter the age. These activities of daily living, also called ADLs, include bathing, dressing and eating. The inability to conduct an ADL includes illness, injury or a cognitive disorder.

Medicare Part A and Hospice Care

Medicare Part A is the portion of Medicare that is available premium-free to all eligible individuals. This part of Medicare benefits provides services associated with hospital, hospice, skilled nursing care and home health care. While you may have read that Medicare Part A covers all costs incurred with hospice, or palliative, care, this is not the case when it comes to custodial care.

Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

You may decide that long-term care insurance (LTCI), or insurance that provides for long-term care after you can no longer work, is not for you. After all, you may never use the insurance, it’s expensive and not everyone qualifies for the insurance. But, what are your other options to LTCI?