Peace of Mind for the Holidays

Do you want to feel good about yourself? One way to eliminate some stress over the upcoming holiday season is to help others, especially the elderly.

Choosing a Nursing Home

If you are thinking about a nursing home for yourself or for a loved one, you might realize that this choice is both difficult and painful.

Symptom Relief for Terminal Illness

Remember to rely on a trained hospice worker, a trusted nurse or a doctor for specific directions for your ‘patient’ before you take extreme measures.

Depression, the Elderly and the Holidays

If you are gathering steam to celebrate the holidays in grand style, you might consider visiting a neighbor or two in those plans.

Thinking About Death May Change Your Life

Have you faced the reality that, one day, you will die?

Your Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

In any situation where care is provided for a person’s physical or emotional needs, the caregiver may often feel overwhelmed and need help as well.

Tips for Taking Care of Prescriptions for Elderly

Are you helping to take care of an elderly person? Many older people must take several different prescription and nonprescription drugs every day. Because these drugs often are taken during different times of the day, it can become easy for an elderly person (or even a stressed younger person) to become confused about which medication to take at what time.

Baxter’s Death Brings Attention to Therapy Dogs

Baxter, the therapy dog, provided comfort to patients, and continues – after death – to provide inspiration.

Your Patient Responsibilities

In a previous post, we talked about patient rights. But, what are your responsibilities as a patient?

Your Patient Rights

Have you had a surgery recently in a hospital or a clinic? Did you receive a paper that stated your rights as a patient before your surgery? Patient rights vary from state to state, so you may or may not receive information about your rights (or responsibilities) as a patient. For instance, if you live in Tennessee, you may receive notice that a facility will not honor DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders, but that they may honor a healthcare power of attorney.